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Sustainable Commissioning

Sustainable Commissioning™

IESG's Energy Consulting process combines human and artificial intelligence to achieve maximum building efficiency and cost savings while reducing your carbon footprint.

IESG offers these stages of Energy Consulting to our clients as part of our energy commissioning process. There are three elements to the service to make your building sustainable as follows:

  1. Complete the basic energy audit
  2. Implement the items from energy audit
  3. Connect to ongoing commissioning technology
IESG Energy Consulting

Validated Process

Our validated process has proven to save time and money substantially reducing your carbon footprint with the possibility to save up to 30% on your annual energy bill! IESG Energy Consulting will add an additional level of reliability to your building through persistent monitoring.  Managing energy in your building critical to bottom line profit of any business eliminating waste.

When energy efficiency declines, the operational cost rises wasting money that could be used for other investments. Our Energy Consulting process combines both human and artificial intelligence to achieve optimal energy efficiency in your building while reducing carbon emissions.

Integrity Energy Solutions Group Energy Consulting

Step 1 – Complete Basic Energy Audit

In the first part of our Energy Consulting process, our consultant Energy Management Associates conduct an on-site energy audit. The audit will identify energy efficiency opportunities for you. The assessment may include construction of an energy model for your building. A report of findings with potential savings will be issued. All observed opportunities are evaluated with a focus on simple pay back (SPB), internal rate of return (IRR), and net present value (NPV). This audit can be considered an ASHRAE level one or two audit depending upon complexity of your building. We will also work with your local utility to secure any available incentives.  Our Registered Licensed and Insured Professional Engineers are serving NY, NJ, RI, PA, MA, and ME.

To complete this step, please Schedule Your Consultation.

IESG Energy Consulting

Step 2 – Implement Recommendations from Audit (Retroactive Commissioning)

In the second part of our Energy Consulting process, IESG will work with you or your preferred contractor to implement the recommendations from the energy audit. We have associates that offer retroactive commissioning services if you should need them. This work may include installation of VFD drives, LED lighting, repairing valves, dampers and damaged insulation.

At this stage, a scope of work for your project is created which can be competitively bid. At IESG, we help you coordinate retro-commissioning activities with your local utility to access incentives. As part of the retro-commissioning process, we deliver a 32 fault detection evaluation of your building to further help eliminate energy waste. At IESG, we can offer energy model services to help validate the energy savings from the retroactive commissioning process upon your request.

Integrity Energy Solutions Group Energy Consulting

Step 3 - Connect to Commissioning Technology (Artificial Intelligence)

Once the building instrumentation technology is confirmed compatible with ongoing monitoring, a connection is made to your building management system. Invisible operational issues are identified applying thousands of algorithms programmed to detect system abnormalities. To achieve this level of intelligence you would select an ongoing commissioning provider.

As part of our service, we offer service providers who can help you connect to your building management system to fault diagnostics to begin the optimization process moving you towards sustainable energy savings. This process is required to protect your retro-commissioning improvements in effort to keep your building sustainable with respect to the energy it’s consumes over time.

To complete this step, Contact IESG for more information about our service providers.

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