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Bill Holub



Bill Holub has over thirty-five years of technical field experience with process control instrumentation and the generation and utilization of steam. This practical and technical knowledge in both areas was acquired from leaders in the food, refining, petrochemical and other industries who have helped me successfully pinpoint and solve chronic, costly process problems for their companies.

My background in the function and application of steam traps has provided the know-how to solve problems, such as those caused by unchecked and misapplied traps. Sometimes, simple changes produce quick paybacks and a safer environment. But, my job is more than handling trap difficulties. It is to educate and help customers make wise energy-saving decisions. The prime goal is not to produce short-term fixes, rather practical solutions that improve processes and reduce maintenance, usage of fuel, chemicals and water.

Author of Survey-Pro Guide. This 141 page, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" paperback has color pictures including details on steam trap selection, discusses which traps waste steam right out of the box and which traps have zero steam loss. Additional insights are presented on how to evaluate a steam trap surveyor as well as what data to expect in their reports.

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